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IFRS – Our latest thinking

IFRS – Our latest thinking

Insights into IFRS 13th Edition 2016/17 provides a practical guide to IFRS.

Insights into IFRS 13th Edition 2016/17 provides a practical guide to IFRS.

Rising to the challenge

With the effective dates for the new standards on revenue and financial instruments fast approaching – and leases close behind – there’s a lot of work to do.


“This is a time of significant change, in terms of both requirements and expectations, and a critical period for every company reporting under IFRS; but I’m confident that Insights will help you rise to the challenges ahead."


Insights into IFRS brings you the wealth of expertise that we’ve gained by helping our clients. It provides in-depth, easy-to-understand guidance on how to apply the new and existing requirements that extends to nearly 3,000 pages. 


Helping you apply IFRS

Insights is organised by topic, reflects IFRS in issue at 1 August 2016 and emphasises the application of IFRS in practice.   

Insights into IFRS: An overview provides a high-level briefing for audit committees and boards.   

Use Insights alongside our suite of Guides to annual financial statements to form your complete guide to financial reporting under IFRS. 


Access your personal e-book

Insights is now available as an e-book on ProViewTM. Everyone who uses a hard copy of Insights receives a complimentary e-licence.

In your personal e-book version of Insights, you’ll be able to:

  • make notes;
  • highlight text;
  • bookmark text;
  • share content via email or pdf; and
  • review your browsing history.  

But perhaps best of all is that your annotations will be automatically transferred to subsequent editions of Insights.

For more information on accessing your personal e-book, speak to your usual KPMG contact.

For more information on using ProView, read our Overview, Getting started and FAQ documents. 


Order a hard copy

If you order a hard copy of Insights, you’ll receive a complimentary ProView licence. To order a copy, email KPMG's International Standards Group at ifrgroup@kpmgifrg.com.

You can also download the high-level overview.

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