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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

We help clients in their efforts to adopt the principles of good regulatory and compliance practices.

Compliance with key regulatory and legal requirements is critical for a business especially in relation to money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption, fraud, effectiveness of systems and controls, or operating in higher risk jurisdictions. 


How we can help

With extensive and varied experience of regulated markets in many jurisdictions, we can help clients in their efforts to adopt the principles of good regulatory and compliance practices.

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of forensic accountants, technology professionals, former compliance officers, law enforcement officers and regulators, supported by a global network of professionals sharing consistent methodologies and training. Coupled with our member firms strong working relationships with government and regulatory agencies, we can help clients and their personnel to comply with a wide variety of regulations and requirements.

We offer:

  • shared global methodologies
  • an understanding of the applicable regulatory and legal requirements
  • increased awareness of regulatory and compliance risks and improvements to controls in relation to them
  • increased public and regulatory confidence, and protection for market reputation
  • monitoring technology solutions that address specific business needs. 


Our services include:


Anti-Money Laundering Services

We have extensive experience in money laundering regulations. This includes reviewing and benchmarking existing anti-money laundering controls and related IT systems, identifying possible control deficiencies and making recommendations for improvement, as well as assisting in the development of new systems and controls. 


Anti-Bribery & Corruption Services

Similarly, we can help with anti-bribery and corruption matters through a variety of proactive and reactive services. This may mean conducting integrity due diligence on entities or individuals prior to merger and acquisition or joint venture activities. It may also involve the recovery, analysis and review of electronic data, or may take the form of a cross-border investigation combined with the implementation of compliance or remedial programs.


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