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Fraud Risk Management

Fraud Risk Management

We help clients in their efforts to prevent instances of fraud and misconduct from occurring.

An ineffective approach to fraud risk management may result in the following types of damages when wrongdoing occurs:

  • fines and litigation costs
  • costs of borrowed capital
  • losses from occupational theft, waste and abuse
  • attrition of valued customers, employees and suppliers
  • impairments to brand reputation and goodwill
  • undervalued stock prices
  • adverse shareholder, media and community relations
  • detraction of attention and resources from strategic objectives
  • erosion of market confidence and trust.


How we can help

Our Fraud Risk Management team aims to help clients prevent instances of fraud and misconduct from occurring; detect instances when they do occur; respond appropriately; and take corrective action when instances arise.

Whether a client requires fraud and misconduct risk assessment, the design of a global compliance program, or better use of technology to enable continuous transaction monitoring, our Fraud Risk Management services are designed to be targeted, scalable and tailored to those needs.

Our services include:

  • assessment of needs based on the nature of fraud and misconduct risks and existing controls
  • design of ethics and compliance programs and related anti-fraud controls in a manner consistent with regulatory criteria and industry practices
  • implementation of programs and controls through the assignment of responsibilities and deployment of resources
  • evaluation of program and control effectiveness in achieving their objectives.


Our professionals offer clients:

  • insight from conducting high-profile investigations under intense scrutiny in the wake of internal control breakdowns
  • experience in working with many leading organization on the establishment of effective anti-fraud programs and controls
  • understanding of relevant control frameworks, government enforcement policies and industry practices
  • global methodologies, tools and technologies to facilitate consistent and effective cross-border service delivery capability.


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