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Industrial Markets

Industrial Markets

Economic ups and downs, fluctuating currencies and increased global competition are creating more pressure than ever on the sectors that comprise Industrial Markets.

To stay competitive, companies need to manage numerous issues, including an uncertain economy, unstable capital and debt markets, globalization, pressure from emerging markets, technological advances, increased regulation and shifts in consumer preferences.

As a result, Industrial Markets companies must be agile and prepared to respond to the changing environment in which they operate. Companies are cutting costs to stay competitive and in many cases this means reducing operating facilities and the workforce.

At the same time, companies and their shareholders need more and better information to make the right decisions. At KPMG Indonesia, our professionals have gained insights from years of hands-on experience in areas critical to the success of companies in Industrial Markets. We understand the marketplace issues and challenges affecting these sectors, and work with companies to help them:  

  • Manage their supply chain and seek out efficiencies
  • Fund growth through traditional means such as capital and debt markets and innovative sources of funding
  • Enter new markets to grow revenue but also seek out cost savings
  • Enhance performance and infrastructure
  • Grow shareholder value
  • Strengthen reporting and comply with regulations.

KPMG Indonesia’s Industrial Markets professionals have the business insights to help companies understand the implications of business and technological risks and to develop appropriate responses to mitigate them. Companies require advisers who understand the key issues in their sector, who have experience dealing with complex issues and who work with their clients to find industry specific strategies. And through our global network, we provide practical, industry-specific Audit, Tax and Advisory services—no matter where our clients do business.


How we can help 

KPMG's Industrial Markets practice provides a wide array of Audit, Tax and Advisory services to all key sectors across the industry: 


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