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Board Governance Forum - Cyber Security

24 October 2017, 8:30AM - 11:30AM, WIB Jakarta, Indonesia

Recent cyber breaches at major corporations highlight the increasing sophistication, stealth, and persistence of cyber attacks that organizations are facing today. The critical challenge of protecting information systems and assets and the reputational and regulatory implications of failing to do so continue to raise the stakes on cyber security and governance. Investors and regulators are increasingly challenging boards to step up their oversight of cyber security and calling for greater transparency around major breaches and their impact on the business.

In order to raise awareness on the importance of cyber security, KPMG Indonesia hosted the Board Governance Forum (BGF) event on 24 October 2017. This event was attended by Board members and senior executives from various sectors. The speaker for this event was Mr. Daryl Pereira, Partner & Head of Cybersecurity Consulting from KPMG in Singapore.

This BGF event took a deep dive into cyber security issue, exploring key elements of effective cyber risk oversight and governance – from understanding key vulnerabilities and integrating cyber security into the overall risk management program, to ensuring effective communication and reporting from the CIO (or equivalent role) and having a robust cyber-incident response plan in place.


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