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FAQ on KPMG 4SEAS Scholarship


Got a question on KPMG 4SEAS Scholarship opportunities?

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What is unique about the KPMG 4SEAS Scholarship program? 

KPMG is the first of the Big 4 professional services firms to provide a 3-year regional scholarship program which will give KPMG scholars the opportunity to experience working in different countries while they are still in universities and early in their careers. 

The KPMG 4SEAS Scholarship is all about you. Because we recognize that young aspiring people like you have great dreams and ambitions, we invest in you through our scholarship program to develop your personal and professional capabilities to help you reach your potential as leaders and responsible corporate citizens.

As a fresh graduate, you will be exposed to a wide variety of professional offerings in audit, tax and/or advisory services. You will also be given opportunities to train overseas. 


What are some of the qualities that KPMG looks for in their scholarship candidates?  

We are seeking well-rounded individuals who possess excellent interpersonal skills, a high degree of emotional maturity and a global mindset. Our scholarships are offered to those with a strong focus on making their mark in a professional service firm.   


What do we provide during the last three years of your university studies?  

KPMG scholars receive the following:

  • Tuition fees grants
  • Two paid internships, following your third and fourth years of study
  • Overseas exchange allowance for internships (If requirements are met) 

We provide more than just financial support through the KPMG 4SEAS Scholarship program. We also ensure that you will get strong support by way of constant coaching and mentoring from experienced partners and managers during the entire duration of your studies and when you commence your employment with us. 

You will also gain cross-border exposures as you go through your two internships (one locally and one in another South East Asia’s firm) during your studies. Right from the beginning, you will be given opportunities to excel and work towards achieving your personal best. We will mentor you closely and help you plan your path to achieve your personal and professional goals aspirations. 


What can I look forward to upon joining KPMG after graduation?

You will work in KPMG Indonesia over the first two years of your career.

You will be given excellent learning and development opportunities and unrivalled industry exposure. You will be mentored by senior members of staff and management to ensure that your welfare and development remains a priority to us throughout your career. 

You can look forward to rapid career advancement in the Firm. You will start as an Associate and make your way up to Senior Associate, Assistant Manager, Manager, Senior Manager, Director and, eventually, a Partner of the Firm. At every step of the way, we will provide the necessary learning skills and guidance through structured learning and milestone programs, excellent industry exposures and mentoring to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefits of our scholarship program. 


Is there a commitment on my part if I am awarded the scholarship?  

Yes there is. We presume that successful candidates are committed to developing a great career with us. Our commitment is to provide you with tuition grants for maximum three years and two paid internships, plus the opportunity to work in KPMG Indonesia. Therefore we expect you to be committed to be employed by us for at least 2 years after your graduation, if you are awarded the scholarship.