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The KPMG Network

The KPMG network was formed on 1 January 1987 when Peat Marwick International and Klynveld Main Goerdeler merged along with their respective member firms. At the time it was the largest merger in the history of the accounting business.The name 'KPMG' derived from the first letter of the founding members' surenames:

Piet Klynveld

In 1917Piet Klynveld (the K in KPMG) opens small accounting firm in Amsterdam. Jaap Kraayenhof joins and firm becomes Klynveld Kraayenhof & Company (KKC). By the time Klynveld passed away in 1946, he left behind the largest accounting firm in the Netherlands.

William Barclay Peat

William Barclay Peat (the P in KPMG) started his career in accountancy at just 17, working for Robert Fletcher & Co. He quickly rose through the ranks, and in 1891, Peat assumed leadership of the firm, and renamed it William Barclay Peat & Co.

James Marwick

In 1897, the US firm Marwick, Mitchell & Company got its start in New York City. The company was formed by James Marwick (the M in KPMG) and Roger Mitchell – both Scottish immigrants. It wasn’t easy establishing a firm in the city – many thought there was no place or need for accountants, but the two soon built a strong reputation.

Reinhard Goerdeler

The last of our founding fathers, Reinhard Goerdeler (the G in KPMG) comes into the story almost half a century later in 1953, when he joined Deutsche Treuhand-Gesellschaft (DTG).

KPMG Indonesia

KPMG Indonesia is:

  • Siddharta Widjaja & Rekan
  • KPMG Advisory Indonesia 
  • KPMG Siddharta Advisory 

The registered public accounting firm of Siddharta Widjaja & Rekan, one of the first accounting firms established in Indonesia, was founded in 1957 by Drs. Basuki T. Siddharta.

In 2002, the tax division was established as a separate entity, now named KPMG Advisory Indonesia. It provides business advisory services focusing on taxation and related business issues.

KPMG Siddharta Advisory was established in 1986 to provide a wide range of advisory services to the Indonesian and international business communities.

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