Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Our extensive range of expertise helps you to meet your needs.

Our extensive range of expertise helps you to meet your needs.

We firmly believe that the new era of legal services has begun. This is only partially caused by the coming of age of the legal technology. In our opinion the clients’ demand for legal services is transforming too. We have a firm vision on creating genuine client experience, be it the smallest corporate law mandate or a big transaction work. At KPMG Legal Tóásó Law Firm we deliver full-scale legal advice and insightful support to our clients.

The law’s role as a classical supportive function is changing. At present our clients seek added value in legal advisory services, while in the past it was regarded as a simple administrative task. In accordance with this new approach we go the extra mile to understand the business problems of our clients and the nuances of their industry in depth. We believe that is essential now to think together with clients about the legal effects of their problems, moreover it is also crucial to proactively anticipate and address emerging legal issues even before our clients identify them.

Our mission at KPMG Legal is to bring this new approach fueled by innovation and proactivity to our legal services. This enables us to deliver enhanced, revitalized and client-focused legal advice to our clients. We are continuously examining and testing if the solution that we provide meets our clients’ current and future business needs. Therefore, we are constantly seeking to create real value for our clients.

KPMG Legal focuses on bringing together a proactive and multidisciplinary team with innovative approach. Several colleagues of ours are adept at issues of other sciences like psychology, economy or taxation.

In doing so we rely on KPMG’s rich history, the highest commitment of our colleagues and the smart tools offered by technological solutions.
We have particularly significant experience in the following areas:
— Corporate and M&A
— Commercial
— Real Estate
— Employment
— Dispute Resolution
— Banking and Finance
— Life Sciences
— Competition


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