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Program and project review

Program and project review

Drive back or keep your projects on the right track.

Drive back or keep your projects on the right track.

KPMG services lay the foundations for our clients to successfully accomplish their projects and programs on time and to the desired standards. During our assessment we deliver advice that can transform into good practices via the resources assigned and available. Our consultants can support any stage of a project or program, from the preparation and planning stages, through execution, to the final close including optional iterations.

We can explore strengths which may serve as a proper execution model to build on but may also uncover weaknesses which require intervention. Our services can identify the potential risks, and assign probabilities and impacts to these risks. After all these steps we can outline feasible scenarios which the project organization can follow.

If these projects are collected into programs, our experts can explore the program structure and make suggestions as to what should be included or excluded, and handled accordingly. KPMG can help to define what cooperation levels and structures should be, and what the coherence is between the parts and what interrelationships exist.

During our common work we assess all the necessary components of a successful project and program execution:

  • Project organization
  • Project documentation
  • Schedule and milestones
  • Criteria to meet
  • Escalation chains
  • Scope management
  • Change management components
  • Responsibilities and empowerment
  • Implementation methodologies
  • Related contracts

If any of these points don’t meet the required quality or risk mitigation specifications, our experts can produce tailor-made interventional action plans to set the project in the right direction.

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