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Omnichannel personalization in retail

Omnichannel personalization in retail

How does data and analytics transform bricks and mortar retailing?

How does data and analytics transform bricks and mortar retailing?

A new breed of customer has emerged in this era of the Internet and digitalization.

  • With the online experience, smart phones, tablets and now the growing use of mobile apps, the passive shopper or consumer has become an active customer. 
  • These “What I Want, When I Want It” (WIW-WIWI) customers expect that they can collect all relevant information, select the desired products, pay for them and take them home the way it best suits them through whichever channel is most comfortable to them. 
  • WIW-WIWI customers are turning the current retail model on its head by redefining and customizing the way in which they engage with retail brands.

Retailers need to adapt by personalizing and going “DIGICAL.”

  • Bringing the internet experience into the physical store, and the store experience onto the Internet (digital & physical);
  •  Knowing each of your customers to be able to offer what they want (personalization) and serve them as they want it (omni-channel).

Our proposed common value proposition to support the transformation of brick and mortars comprises:

  • A modular transformation program for bricks and mortar retailers into a fine blend of a personalized omni-channel service offering, using the latest advanced analytics/big data and technology solutions.

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