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Data governance and management

Data governance and management

Complex data ecosystems require proper data governance.

Complex data ecosystems require proper data governance.

While business intelligence (BI) solutions bring tools and technologies for delivering information and analytical capabilities, its governance delivers the right environment and processes ensuring the overall solution will be:

  • High quality (for both understanding and the quality of the information); 
  • Agile enough to support fast time-to-market; 
  • Able to deliver and monitor real business results.

In order to do that BI governance should be simple to understand and implement, and it should be strongly supported by individual responsibilities.

In order to deliver understandable and acceptable results we have developed a framework that uses six layers, which cover every single important aspect from vision to environment metrics, helping people to understand what is required and what the results will be by taking into consideration:

  • Goals, Vision: Why are we undertaking this exercise?
  • Objects: What are we going to govern?
  • Processes: How do we manage the governance objects?
  • Organizational structure: Who does what?
  • Tools: Whereby do we achieve maximum effectiveness?
  • Metrics: How well are we doing?

Using a BI governance framework enables our clients to effectively achieve their targeted business results.

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