DWH & Reporting implementation

DWH & Reporting implementation

We provide solution for your company’s informational needs.

We provide solution for your company’s informational needs.

Neither corporate software solutions nor the databases behind these tools were designed for reporting purposes. These are mostly transactional databases which support daily operational tasks (fast response times, transaction-optimization).

At well-performing companies data warehouses (and the reports built on them) serve as a reference, which is complete, reliable and accepted company-wide. The reason behind this is the data warehouse upload process' effect on data quality. During a regular data warehouse update and transfer the data go through basic quality enhancing procedures:

  • Data cleansing
  • Format consolidation
  • Business and technical validations
  • Restructuring
  • Extension with aggregated and custom calculated fields

The process is fully automated, providing significant efficiency and eliminating the risks of manual data handling. Our experts help at any point of building a data warehouse: DWH platform selection, business/reporting needs assessment, planning, implementing and designing ETL processes.

Our team is experienced in many BI product package implementations like SAP and Microsoft products as well as QlikView and Tableau solutions.

A business intelligence system is not a software application but an integrated information platform containing knowledge to ensure business and process efficiency. BI usually consists of multiple tools which together cover all variety of business needs.

Our services:

  • Creating a BI roadmap
  • Vendor and system selection
  • System specification
  • Design and build of semantic layer (hides the underlying data structure)
  • BI tool implementation
  • Training
  • Report package development
  • Automation
  • Internal and external publishing solutions

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