Segmentation, consumer personas

Segmentation, consumer personas

Identifying accurately segmented consumer groups, companies will be ready to confidently face today’s fast paced world.

Identifying distinct customer needs is the key to short and long term success.

Today’s consumers shop anywhere, anytime. Companies that use outdated segmentation practices that define broad consumer groups (or do not segment at all) are facing increasing challenges on the dynamically shifting markets of today mixed with the continuous expansion of the online sphere. The expansion of the online sphere has increased the reach of many companies to target a larger number of consumers, however it has also
made the competition fiercer.

KPMG offers its in-house consumer segmentation
and consumer persona development services readily available for deployment:

  • Local and international market insights into
    consumer trends
  • Identification of critical consumer segments
    and personas
  • Development of consumer loyalty strategies
  • Omni business model development
  • Customer experience assessment

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