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Our People

Our People

Our goal is to both fresh graduates and experienced professionals in the eyes of the most attractive employers as this one about it.

Our goal is to the graduates and experienced professionals in eyes of attractive jobs be.


Focusing on diversity, health and well-being, we aim to provide an open, innovative and inspiring working environment to our people, and maintain our Employer of Choice status. We aspire to involve 80% of our employees to participate in our Health & Wellbeing programs (eg. squash tournament and relays).

Our key actions include:

  • KPMG Health Days – organizing health & wellbeing events, focusing on general health check-up and on raising health awareness among staff
  • KPMG Health Fund – supporting staff teams to participate in health & wellbeing group activities (e.g. squash tournament, skiing, jogging, trekking)
  • Diversity audit – conducting a diversity audit (self assessment) annually)
  • Support for team sports