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Finance and Audit

Finance and Audit



Programs in this category aim to providing all necessary and updated expertise, viable to all staff and executives dealing with Audit and Finance.


300.01 Finance for non Financial Managers

300.02 Recovery Plan Development NEW

300.03 Company Evaluation

300.04 Credit Risk Measurement and Models NEW

300.05 Budgeting, Planning and Reporting

300.06 Continuous Auditing (CA) and Continuous Monitoring (CM)

300.07 VaR Models and Risk Indicators NEW

300.08 Preparing for CISA exams

300.09 Insurance Enterprise Risk Management NEW

300.10 Enterprise Risk Management NEW

300.11 Evaluating Investments

300.12 Operational Audit for Retail Networks

300.13 Measuring Market Risk with Value-at-Risk

300.14 Financial Derivatives for Lawyers

300.15 Sustainability Reporting and Assurance NEW

300.16 Solvency II – Uncovering the new solvency requirements for Insurance companies NEW

300.17 The essentials of Corporate Governance – Rebuilding the Corporate Structure NEW

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