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General information about available seminars by KPMG Institute

General information about available seminars by KPMG Institute

Managerial Skills and Strategy

Programs in this category are related to knowledge, behaviors and skills that are essential in Managing People, Projects and Businesses, as well as in guiding, motivating and developing personal skills.

Tax and Accounting

Programs in this category aim to strengthen knowledge and update all recent changes in legislation and standards, keeping thus the tax and accounting executives perfectly prepared.

Finance and Audit

Programs in this category aim to providing all necessary and updated expertise, viable to all staff and executives dealing with Audit and Finance.

Human Resources Management

HR executives can greatly benefit from this category’s programs, by expanding their cognitive fields and enhancing their tools and techniques as required by the current demanding market conditions.

Management of Information Systems

Programs in this category are related to the contemporary skills and knowledge, necessary to all professionals in Information Technology, Leading Edge Technologies and Management Information Systems.

Strategic Play Methodology using Lego Serious Play

The StrategicPlay® method provides a process of structured thought and creative problem solving for large or small groups of people. In StrategicPlay® approach participants through 3D LEGO® models creation, take part in a unique communications experience that combines game, creativity and imagination in order to convey the goals or expectations of the team in today’s conditions. The method shows how innovative thought process and systematic creativity can help individuals, groups or the entire company to perform at the highest levels of their abilities and achieve the goals they have set!

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