Risk consulting

Risk consulting

Our team in Greece has a strong national and international presence, enabling it to successfully address the most demanding engagements

Our team in Greece has a strong national and international presence, enabling...

Due to circumstances, but also as a result of persistent focus of the major supervisory bodies in Europe and elsewhere, Risk & Compliance scores high in the top management agenda.  This high position reflects the top management concern both with the risk side of the business they manage and the additional related costs in order to mitigate it and meet the compliance requirements.  

We believe that the best way to address this concern is to reach a balance between any conflicting trends.  For instance, some managers may attempt to reach a balance between risk aversion and controlled risk taking, by thoroughly planning the risk appetite or properly choosing the level of control.  Others may find the balance between the burden of meeting compliance requirements and the derived benefits, by integrating these requirements within the normal business process.

Capitalizing on its vast reserve of technical and sector-specific skills, KPMG's Risk & Compliance team can help clients increase benefits from reducing financial, operational, reputational and other risks.  We are experienced in managing diverse issues including corporate governance, regulatory compliance, risk management, forensic, internal audit and review, sustainability, capital adequacy, etc.

Our professional team in Greece, supported by KPMG global risk network, has a strong national presence supplemented by an international capacity, enabling it to successfully address the most demanding engagements. In order to cover the complex aspects of such engagements, our team is multidisciplinary, combining accountants, actuaries, economists, internal auditors, lawyers, risk specialists, technology advisors etc. skills, and having experience in various of industries. Some of them have also experience in related business positions

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