Compensation & Benefits Survey 2017 - KPMG Greece
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Compensation & Benefits Survey 2017

Compensation & Benefits Survey 2017

KPMG announces for the 24rd year the launching of the Compensation & Benefits Survey which constitutes a competitive advantage tool for companies

KPMG announces for the 24rd year the launching of the Compensation & Benefits Survey...

Compensation and Benefits surveys assist companies to:

  • receive information regarding contemporary trends in the Greek market and respond  promptly to changes within the business environment
  • design their total rewards strategy
  • determine the policy regarding salary increases
  • compare their compensation and benefits policy with those of their main competitors. 
  • design and update their salary levels and bands
  • design competitive benefit plans (company cars, life insurance, medical insurance plan etc)
  • determine their level of employee attractiveness as an “employer of choice” regarding compensation and benefits
  • support their initiatives to the General Management and sustain the needs of the organization for changes and adaptation to new conditions

Why to choose KPMG’s Compensation & Benefits surveys: 

  • they are conducted for 24 consecutive years from experienced consultants in designing and implementing Integrated Total Reward Management Systems
  • they are designed to cover the needs of the local market (Greek market)
  • they are updated annually depending on special conditions in the local market
  • the results of the survey can be utilized by all companies irrespectively of the job evaluation system they implement

Please note that:

  • Participation in the salary survey is free of charge.
  • All participants will receive a complementary brief of the key findings of their sector report.

The reports will be issued between the end of July and December 2017, depending on the completion date of each sector survey.

2017 survey reports present compensation data per job position (fixed and variable compensation), remuneration policies, benefits and incentives schemes for the employees, market trends, average base salary increases and decreases for 2017 and the projections for 2018.

For 2017, KPMG in Greece will issue the following sector survey reports:

  • General (November 2017)
  • Pharmaceutical & Agrochemical  (September 2017)
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (July 2017)
  • Retail (August 2017)
  • Insurance (September 2017)
  • High-Tech (September 2017)
  • Banking (September 2017)
  • Top Executives (December 2017)

Additionally, participants will have the option of benchmarking their salary data against the total or a selected sample of companies for each single job position (Benchmarking).

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