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Cyber Security Conference

The first Cyber Security Conference organized by KPMG in Greece is here!

In a dynamic digital business environment, cyber security affects not only business organizations, but also societies and the security of nations. Examples of cyberwarfare between countries are common and may affect world trade or even used for espionage. Understanding the big picture of cyber security can help organizations stay alert, become proactive and prepare for serious cyber threats, at a strategic level.
The first Cyber Security Conference organized by KPMG in Greece is here!

The conference aims to highlight hot topics and strategic issues for senior cyber security executives, IT professionals, and CEOs and business leaders who are concerned and interested in cyber security issues.


The main topics of the Cyber Security Conference focus on:

  • Protecting information and personal data in the digital world
  • The international political and economic impact of digital attacks
  • Emerging Frameworks for Developing Information Security Strategies implemented by organizations
  • The role of digital security as a means of enhancing public confidence in institutions and organizations.

The Keynote speaker of the conference will be Daniel Domscheit Berg, fmr Wikileaks representative and author of “Inside Wikileaks”.

For further information please contact Maria Kastrisiou (+30 210 6062254,

Cyber Security Conference


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