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At KPMG, we feel that our people are our greatest asset

At KPMG, we feel that our people are our greatest asset

At KPMG, we feel that our people are our greatest strength. We go many steps beyond legal requirements to ensure our people's health and well-being, and their continued personal and professional development.

We believe in giving our people all the tools we can, for them to continue to develop both themselves and their careers. We also feel it is very important for all of us to follow a common code of conduct in the workplace, where each one of us can contribute to his ability. We aim for KPMG to be the best place to work. 

Health insurance and checkups for employees

The health and wellbeing of our people is paramount. Therefore, our employees, immediate family (spouses, children) are covered by a supplementary private Health Insurance and Life Policy scheme. In addition to the above the firm in collaboration with certain hospitals and clinics offers all employees health privileges cards. These cards provide privileged access to the services of these hospitals and clinics, such as special rates for check-ups, ophthalmological tests, and gynecological-pediatric check-ups, as well as a number of extra benefits. The privileges cards are additional to the medical plan, are free of charge for all KPMG employees, they are personal, and they cover all family members (spouses and children). 

Continuous employee development

The continuous development of our people is one of our main priorities. At KPMG in Greece we strongly believe that our people should work to develop their skills and technical espertise as much as possible in order to become better professionals. We, therefore, make sure that all have the opportunity to take part in a range of educational or training programs, and seminars that are either carried out in-house by our training professionals, or externally by specialized professional bodies.

Performance Management Process

As part of our commitment to constructive career planning, for our people, we use a web-based performance evaluation process, for all employees, at all levels. In the beginning of our fiscal year all employees are called upon to set their business and developmental goals for the rest of the year. 

On this manner, our people know where to focus their efforts, as they receive regular feedback on their performance and on ways to improve. This way, they are informed on what steps can be taken in order to develop their career further. 

KPMG's Performance Development System is the framework that guides our discussions so that we can be clear about every aspect of our work. It provides a useful structure for understanding what we need to do and how we need to do it throughout the year, from setting goals and coaching through to performance discussions and career development.