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We manage environmental impacts responsibly by targeting negative activities and changing them for the better

We manage environmental impacts responsibly by targeting negative...

We manage environmental impact responsibly by targeting negative activities and changing them for the better.

Global Green Initiative

KPMG’s Global Green Initiative is a global commitment by KPMG member firms to tackle climate change. Now widely regarded as one of the most serious challenges the world faces, climate change has reached a tipping point in global awareness and demands a global response. 

The main ambition of the Global Green Initiative is to reduce KPMG member firms’ combined carbon footprint but also includes commitments to support environmental projects to help address the challenges of climate change within the surrounding communities, and to work with employees, suppliers and clients to help them improve their climate change impacts. 

At KPMG in Greece, we have taken part in the effort since 2008 to manage KPMG International’s carbon footprint by measuring our impact, reporting it, and focusing on ways to reduce it. In addition to encouraging employees to record their air mileage and fuel consumption for business-travel, KPMG in Greece focuses on recording energy and water costs from within its offices month by month. 

To reduce these costs, our people are encouraged to:

  • Consume energy and water more responsibly
  • Modify their business-travel habits (reduce air-travel or find alternatives for travel for example)
  • Actively recycle used paper, plastic, aluminum, batteries, toners and electronic equipment through a variety of separate, nevertheless connected, initiatives. 

Through these actions, we at KPMG in Greece have managed to reduce our carbon footprint significantly since 2008, and continue to contribute towards KPMG meeting the Global Green Initiative’s worldwide goal. 

World Environment Day

We celebrate World Environment Day, through a series of week long events culminating to inspire our people to be part of a sustainable tomorrow.  

No Printing Day

We hold a "No Printing Day", where printers and copiers are turned off for the day. By the end of the day we record how much paper we would have printed and is now saved and thus "plant" a virtual tree.

Participation in environmental projects

In addition to organizing and encouraging the recycling of various usual office waste (printed paper, etc), KPMG in Greece supports the recycling of its electronic equipment which is beyond repair, and of parts such as monitors that require safe disposal.  

The latter has been taking place through a government-sponsored electrical equipment recycling program. In 2015, 106 laptops, 15 scanners, and 27 office printers were recycled. 

Moreover, KPMG in Greece sends eCards for the past 7 years instead of the traditional paper Christmas cards to its clients and friends, showing again its commitment towards the reduction of paper use. 

KPMG in Greece also actively encourages its people to join in externaly organized environmental initiatives, such as the tree plantings and other. E-audit

Electronic auditing system

KPMG member firms across the globe have adopted a paperless, electronic auditing system.  

As well as saving time and energy, auditors at KPMG member firms save a great amount of paper, and in turn help save the environment. KPMG’s "Global Green Initiative” asks all KPMG partners and employees to make a commitment to sound environmental practices.  

One of the ways that the Audit practice supports our firm-wide commitment to "Global Green" is by creating electronic audit files instead of paper files.  

All audit documentation is contained within one electronic file, and client documents are either received electronically or scanned in by KPMG auditors and reviewed and signed-off electronically, reducing the need to print documents.