Citizenship - KPMG Greece
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Working alongside clients, we aim to find solutions to pressing global issues of poverty, environmental sustainability, education and equality.

Commitment to our communities is one of KPMG's core values

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KPMG in Greece is a firm with a strong environmental conscience that cares for its people and gives back to the community it operates in. In the past however, we have not been good at letting others know exactly what, and how much we do.

I am now happy to invite you all to browse this section of our website, to get to know us, get to know the people behind KPMG in Greece, and their contribution to making this a firm we are proud and happy to be working in.

We do lot and want to do more, as each year passes, so we still consider this is the beginning for us, as we believe that we have laid a solid ground for even better achievements and eagerly look forward to the challenges ahead of us. We aim at keeping you informed of the initiatives and actions we will be taking to keep true to our word for a greener environment, friendlier to us in the immediate future and to the not so distant future that we will all leave behind.

Our commitment to better the world in which we operate lies at the heart of KPMG’s values and culture. By actively encouraging our people to embrace the qualities, ideas, and actions that contribute to sustainable growth, we help make a difference. 

We believe in and are committed to ethical behavior, sound environmental management, and community engagement. Our actions focus on the main areas of environment, community, workplace and marketplace.

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