Coronavirus is a global health crisis with far reaching implications, the extent of which are still becoming apparent. The overwhelming priority is now to contain the virus and minimise its spread, reducing the impact it will have on individuals, families and communities around the world. Our thoughts are with all those that have been affected.

At KPMG, we have launched a pandemic response programme to protect our people and manage the resilience of the services and support we provide to our clients.

We are working closely with the UK Government, KPMG International and our global member firms to coordinate our response and manage our resources.

Our Business Continuity Management system is robust, regularly tested and a number of measures have already been taken as part of our response. We are now regularly stress-testing our processes, systems and policies alongside extensive scenario planning to assess the likely impact of COVID-19 on our business.

Hear from our experts including Scott Rosenstein, Special Advisor, Global Health from Eurasia Group and KPMG’s panel of specialists including James Stewart, Partner and Vice Chair and Prof Hilary Thomas, Chief Medical Adviser for KPMG in the UK on Wednesday 18 March 2020 between 12:30 - 13:30, where we will be running a webinar to discuss the immediate and medium to long term actions you need to consider.

Practical steps for resilience

  • We have restricted all but essential international travel and have placed a limit on internal and external events at a maximum of 25 people.
  • All KPMG business travelers and clients have been asked to advise us if they have returned to the Gibraltar from category 1 or 2 countries within the past 14 days and, if so, to avoid coming into our offices or visiting our clients. 
  • We have launched a comprehensive communications programme for our colleagues including guidance on best practice hygiene and infection control.
  • All of our employees have access to wellbeing and health support, including the ability to speak to a GP 24 hours a day.
  • We have long-established remote working capabilities with all colleagues equipped with a laptop and software-based telephones.
  • Our VPN infrastructure has been tested to support all of our colleagues working from home and we have deployed additional collaboration tools.
  • We are working with the KPMG UK , KPMG International and our network of member firms to coordinate our response and resources.
  • Our supply chain and key suppliers have been reviewed and we have made arrangements to ensure the provision of services critical to our business.

We are stress-testing the impact of major disruptions to our supply chain and significant staff absences, with robust plans in place to protect critical delivery of key client services and operational capabilities.

Working with our clients

We are committed to supporting our clients through this period of extended uncertainty. Our teams are already working to provide guidance and support to businesses, and we developed a number of practical guides on how you can manage the impact of COVID-19 and build long-term resilience in your organisation. 

Learn more about how you can prepare for your business for the impact of COVID-19.