How to apply

How to apply

Our application process is designed to get the best from all kinds of people. Show us you have the skills, aspirations and experience.

Supporting you in your application to KPMG.

This is an important moment in your career. Show us you have the skills, aspirations and experience we're looking for and you’ll join a diverse community of bright minds at KPMG. We've designed an application process to support you in showing us your potential.

Our application process is now a virtual process, as you progress through each stage of the application process, our Recruitment Team will be in touch to explain the next steps. If you need any additional support during the application process e.g. extra time, please let us know within the appropriate sections of your application. You will find more information on this here.

Application form

This is your chance to tell us about your academic background and any work experience you may have undertaken. This should take about 30 minutes to complete and you won't need to upload a CV.

Don’t worry if you haven’t had any work experience – we know this is hard to come by.

Ensure you give as much detail as possible and fill in all sections. If you miss out any sections this will create a delay in us processing your application as we will have to contact you to ask for the missing information.

If any of your education was completed outside of the UK there is no need to try and convert this to the UK equivalent as we will check this when processing your application. You may want to check that your grades are equivalent to our minimum criteria before you apply, but on the application form please write the qualifications and grades you achieved.

Please ensure the information you give is accurate and truthful as this will be checked as part of your on boarding process. Should information be found to be inaccurate, it could result in the withdrawal of your offer.

You will asked to provide written responses to three competency based questions. These questions will be assessing you specifically against three of the KPMG strengths - ‘Career Motivation’, ‘Critical Thinker’ and ‘Communicates Effectively’. We advise that you spend some time planning your answers to these questions before uploading onto your application form.

Audio submission

Once you have submitted your application form it will be processed by a member of the student recruitment team. If your application is successful you will be invited to complete a digital submission in an audio format. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate both your communication skills and your motivation towards a career at KPMG. We will ask you to answer three questions in audio format and you will be assessed specifically against the KPMG strengths, ‘Drives Quality’, ‘Resilient Performer’, ‘Leverage Technology’ and ‘Communicate Effectively’.

If you are invited to the Audio Submission stage of the application process you will be sent full instructions of how to submit your recording. The student recruitment team are always on hand to help you with any queries you may have regarding your application.

Online Logical Reasoning Test

If you are successful at the Audio Submission stage you may then be invited to complete an online logical reasoning test, which will assess critical qualities for job success, such as solving problems, communicating effectively, and being innovative and creative. You will be sent details on this test from our supplier Penna and details on how to complete this test in your invite.

Assessment centre

If you are successful at the Online Logical Reasoning Test you may then be invited to one of our virtual Assessment Centres. During the Assessment Centre you will be assessed against all of the KPMG strengths and the activities will include a competency and a case study based interview, as well as a written exercise.

To prepare for the assessment centre we recommend that you thoroughly research KPMG and the Apprenticeship programme you have applied to. You should prepare examples of how you have demonstrated the KPMG strengths. You could use examples from school or college, work or extra-curricular activities.  

You will be notified of the result of your Assessment Centre within 5 working days either by telephone or e-mail.

Please note

We want to warn you that any companies offering to support you through the KPMG recruitment process are not supported or endorsed by us in any way. We advise that you do not use these channels.