How to apply

How to apply

Our application process is designed to get the best from all kinds of people. Show us you have the skills, aspirations and experience.

Supporting you in your application to KPMG.

This is an important moment in your career. Show us you have the skills, aspirations and experience we're looking for and you’ll join a diverse community of bright minds at KPMG. We've designed an application process to support you in showing us your potential.

Our application process is a virtual process from your application through to securing an offer with KPMG. As you progress through each stage the Student Recruitment team will be in touch to explain the next steps. If you have any adjustments for us to consider, please let us know within the appropriate sections of your application, or please contact the team on 0800 328 5764 or email us at

To help you prepare for each stage of our virtual application process, our Student Recruitment team have created some useful videos below to guide you each step of the way. From your application form, online assessment, Virtual Launch Pad assessment centre and considering your strengths - our Student Recruitment team will guide you through all the different stages. Click here to view these helpful videos.

Please note, the application process may vary for a small number of routes.

Stage 1: Your application 

This is your chance to tell us about your academic background and any work experience you may have undertaken. This should take about 30 minutes to complete and you won't need to upload a CV. Our minimum entry criteria for each of our programmes can be found on the relevant programme pages – we would encourage you to review this before applying. We will review your application in the round, so if you fall slightly below in one of our minimum academic entry criteria then we would still encourage you to apply.

Stage 2: Transforming Small Businesses 

After submitting your application, you will be automatically invited to our first online assessment, Transforming Small Businesses. This assessment will require you to consider a range of material relating to three fictional small businesses, each with their own business challenges.

Throughout the assessment, you will be asked how you might respond to certain scenarios by ranking what you'd likely do, say or feel. You will also be asked to analyse some information and provide responses. You will need a pen, paper and calculator (your phone calculator will be sufficient).

Although the assessment is untimed, we suggest that you allow 90 minutes for completion, and we recommend that you complete it within one sitting. You will need to complete the assessment within five calendar days from the date of your invitation.

You can access the assessment using the majority of browsers, however we recommend using Chrome for optimal functionality. Please ensure you have a good and stable internet connection before starting the assessment. You should also complete the assessment on a desktop or laptop.

Please let us know before you start the assessment if you need any adjustments.

Once you have completed the assessment, you will receive a personalised feedback report based on the KPMG strengths assessed.

Stage 3: Delivering Outcomes

If you are successful at Stage 2, you may be invited to our next online assessment.

This stage provides you with an insight into your chosen business area as you are taken through a fictional project, linked to one of the small businesses introduced in the previous Transforming Small Businesses assessment.

Throughout the assessment, you will be asked; how you might respond to certain scenarios by ranking what you'd likely do, to record video responses via your webcam, and provide written responses to information provided.

Again, this assessment is untimed, but we suggest that you allow 60 minutes to complete it and that you do so in one sitting. You will have 5 calendar days to complete the assessment from the date of your invitation.

Make sure you let us know before you start the assessment if you need any adjustments.

Stage 4: Virtual Launch Pad 

If you are successful at Stage 3, you may be invited to attend a Virtual Launch Pad. This is the final stage of the recruitment process.​

Virtual Launch Pad will combine assessment with the opportunity for you to learn more about the fantastic career opportunities available at KPMG. We will be looking for you to demonstrate the strengths that will give us the confidence that you will be successful at KPMG.​

The assessed activities will be conducted virtually. You will also have the opportunity to meet lots of our people virtually, including those within the area you have applied to, from Partners to Graduate Trainees.​

If successful you will have your job offer within 2 working days!​

If you are unsuccessful you will be offered the option to request feedback.

Please note

We want to warn you that any companies offering to support you through the KPMG recruitment process are not supported or endorsed by us in any way. We advise that you do not use these channels.