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How can you minimize your exposure to risk?

Global transactions and regulatory enforcement increasingly compel companies to examine their business relationships in order to assess risk and comply with regulatory mandates.

Increasing dependence on third-party relationships, coupled with increasing regulatory and public oversight, exposes organizations to a host of new and serious risk and compliance issues. With this shift toward third-party driven business models, managing third-party risk has taken on a renewed sense of urgency. Because responsibility for the actions of your third-party affiliates falls on no one but you. So how can you minimize your exposure to financial, legal, regulatory, operational, reputational and governmental risk?

Whatever the stage of your relationships, we will show you how to ensure third-party providers are a source of strength for your business – not a weak link. KPMG’s suite of technology-driven solutions are designed to help organizations reduce costs, increase quality, all while helping to improve employee and customer experiences. These solutions leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies to re-engineer customer due diligence, transaction monitoring and sanctions management processes.



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