KPMG support companies or organisations to put in place measures aimed at preventing fraud. These preventive measures include:

Provision of Corporate Intelligence and Due Diligence services. This involves a comprehensive search conducted on potential hires and third party companies our clients wish to deal with, such as suppliers, charities, investment firms and trust funds, to know more about potential employees and confirm the legitimacy of the company and its stakeholders.

Provision of regular fraud awareness training to our clients based on established Codes of conduct. The primary purpose of this training is to raise employees level of awareness to fraud typologies and to look out for potential malpractices.  Employees will receive training on identifying red flags relating to fraudulent transactions. This training will also provide employees with an opportunity to contribute to the company’s risk management procedures and assist in mitigating risk.

Provision of whistleblowing services. Reports on fraudulent activities and other malpractices can be anonymously made through our hotline or email address. These reports are transcribed into a report and submitted to management. The level of confidentiality maintained by the service enables employees who may have witnessed any fraudulent activity or regulatory breaches but are afraid to report, do so anonymously so management can take action.

How can we help in crisis?

KPMG can assist organisations who fall victim to procurement fraud, fake charities and investment scams by investigating allegations of fraud and misconduct. KPMG can provide support during legal proceedings by providing expert witness services. Helping our clients to identify and discipline employees involved and support clients with litigation against third parties. We can also assist with the implementation of fraud risk management procedures to deter possible future fraud in your organisations.

KPMG provides vendor auditing services to our clients. We assist our clients in ensuring they do business with verified vendors and to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. We also assist our clients in assessing potential vendors to make sure the appropriate vendor is selected to provide the required service. Further, we carry out contract compliance services to ensure vendors contracted by our clients are adhering to and supplying the exact service agreed upon in the contract. We can also help our clients to investigate cases of suspected fraud, conflicts of interest and breaches of contract.

Fraud Risk and Investigation During a Crisis