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Transformation of Compliance

Transformation of Compliance

Analyse des tendances en matière de conformité : comment les multinationales y répondent


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Transformation of Compliance

Revisiting the model for global tax and statutory compliance

From the Panama Papers to EU State Aid to the BEPS agenda, multinationals are facing more scrutiny than ever — from tax authorities, legislators, non-governmental organizations, media and the public.

Against this backdrop, are you confident you’re paying the right amount of tax at the right time in every market? Is your organization complying with statutory rules that vary from one country to the next? Do you have visibility on your compliance status around the world?

Your company’s tax risk and reputation may depend on it. That’s why many multinationals are revisiting their approach to global compliance. Exploring delivery models from outsourcing to centers of excellence, leading companies are taking a close look at their compliance function, ensuring they meet regulations around the world while getting the best return on their investment and creating new value. They’re also considering centralization, automation, data and analytics and other emerging factors.

To see how compliance is truly being transformed, please see the attached article and view the video below.

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