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KICC and Buenos Aires was a once-in-a-lifetime experience

KICC was a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Read what 2019 KICC finalists have to say about their KICC journey!

Read what 2019 KICC finalists have to say about their KICC journey!

Opportunity to test creative limits in a fast-paced global environment

The experience with KPMG throughout the entire KICC competition was nothing short of thrilling. I participated KICC for two reasons: personal self-development and a desire to explore the world of Strategy Consulting. The highlight of the experience was the opportunity to push ourselves to creative limits in the fast-paced  global competition in Argentina. Surrounded by winners from all over the world, we really challenged ourselves to think sharp and smart. This was real problem solving, and our highly experienced KPMG coach, Sarah, guided us throughout. Despite being a competition, this combination of coaching from the brilliant minds at KPMG and strong teamwork, made the experience really engaging. We did not win, but I could not be prouder of Team Finland. I highly recommend KICCto anyone interested in a career in Strategy Consulting.

- Arturo, KICC finalist 2019

Networking and pitching skills

KICC was a truly inspiring and  an eye opening experience. I got to meet so many inspiring people from various fields of work and young talents from around the world. It was amazing to see how well the people engaged and connected without having met each other before the event!

After talking to different KPMG partners from around the globe, as well as other professionals from various industries, I really noticed how important it is to have good pitching skills. It does not matter what situation you are in or what solution you are presenting,  it all comes down to how good you can present and therefore sell it. This is definitely my personal key takeaway from the experience.

I strongly recommend this experience to everyone who wants to challenge their innovative thinking, team work and presentation skills through an unforgettable adventure.

- Simon, KICC 2019 finalist

KICC provides an overview of the consulting world – plus a great travel opportunity!

The overall experience was awesome. The whole KICC experience allowed me to gain understanding of the consulting world at KPMG and meet great people from all over the world. Personally, I enjoyed working together with our team and it was an honor to have Sarah coaching us – she was a perfect fit! I would dare to argue that the whole team learnt so much from her before and during the competition regarding practical aspects of consulting. 

I think that anyone even mildly interested in the consulting world should participate in KICC as it shows a preview of that world and grants you access to professionals in the field. I personally hadn’t even thought about consulting in a professional capacity, but KICC definitely placed it as a possibility. And if you don’t get professional inspiration, at least you have the opportunity to travel and see new places!

- Jenna, KICC 2019 finalist

Once-in-a-lifetime experience

I had a great experience participating in KICC in Buenos Aires. Besides the innovation challenge, I particularly enjoyed meeting like-minded students from all over the world. Throughout the week, we had the opportunity to take part in different social activities. During the challenge, I learned that diverse backgrounds are essential for successful teamwork and that pitching skills are key to communicating complex ideas convincingly. For the competition, especially problem-solving and presentation skills were very valuable, and we received great support from our coach to improve them.

I was surprised that this year’s KICC challenge was formulated very broadly, so we were able to develop our innovative idea very freely. I would highly recommend participating in KICC to every ambitious student, who enjoys solving challenging problems in a team and who likes to meet inspiring people from around the world. KICC was  truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

- Patrick, KICC 2019 finalist