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KPMG Ideation Challenge (KIC)

KPMG Ideation Challenge (KIC)

KIC 2020 application period has ended. Thanks for all the applications!

KIC 2020 application period has ended. Thanks for all the applications!

The KPMG Ideation Challenge (KIC) is your chance to crack complex business issues with data-driven ideas and with the power of technology. Embark on a journey of learning, explore new innovations and experience what it’s like to be a professional consultant!

During KIC, you’ll work in teams to tackle complex business issues, explore data-driven solutions and have an opportunity to present your innovative ideas to business leaders. KIC provides you an opportunity to join some of the brightest students in the world and to develop your skills in an immersive and collaborative learning experience. 

And if that wasn’t enough, the most successful team will join us at the grand final in Seoul, South Korea in 2020, where you’ll have the opportunity to compete against the best of the best to become the global champions for 2020!

What will KIC offer you?

KIC will give you the following opportunities:

  • practice and enhance your problem solving and presentation skills
  • discover more about data & analytics
  • learn how to create a prototype and how to pitch your idea
  • apply your knowledge and skills in practice through working on your own innovation
  • continue working with similar issues at KPMG
  • make your way to Seoul, South Korea – all costs covered!
  • chance to win 50.000$ seed funding for your idea!

How to apply?

We welcome all business and tech students to apply for the challenge! You can apply either as an individual or as a team. Please read the instructions carefully.

Round 1: Register yourself to the challenge 

Applying as an individual

Step 1. Register yourself to the challenge between the 1st and 24th of November 2019 at Please remember to leave your CV.

We will invite the most potential candidates to an Ideation Academy workshop, where we will form teams of 4 to 6 students consisting of both tech and business students. 

Applying as a team

If you have a suitable team in mind already, you can apply as a team. 

Step 1. Please make sure that your team

•has 4 to 6 student members

•has at least three STEM students (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) 

•has at least one female and one male team member 

Step 2. Each team member must register himself/herself to the challenge between the 1st and 24th of November 2019 at Please list your preferred team members during registration. Remember to also leave your CVs.

We will invite the most potential teams to an Ideation Academy workshop. 

Round 2: Ideation Academy

Most potential individuals and teams will be invited to the Ideation Academy that is held between the 30th and 31st of January in Finland.

This year we're challenging participants to come up with innovative solutions that use the latest advanced analytical technologies to improve efficiencies and enable a business to achieve more in less time.

Through the two-day workshop we will support your team in developing an idea and creating a prototype. KPMG professionals will help your team to enhance your idea before you present it in front of a jury consisting of KPMG Partners. Ultimately, only one team will be selected to represent Finland at the international finals!

Round 3: KIC International Finals

You could be on your way to Seoul, South Korea! At this 4-day competition between the 30th March and 2nd April you will further develop your idea and finally present it at a global stage. KIC will give you the chance to learn, explore, network and compete against the best students around the world. In the end, your team will have a chance to become global champions and to win 50.000$ seed funding to bring your idea to market!

Are you eligible to apply?

We want the best thinkers in Finland to apply for KIC.

You should be studying Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in one of the following fields:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics, or
  • Business

To succeed, you should also have…

  • knowledge or interest in data & analytics
  • good project management skills
  • ability to work under pressure
  • ability to absorb new information quickly
  • ability to think in analytic and innovative terms
  • ability to present strategic solutions
  • passion for excellence
  • determination to make the most of this experience!

More information

KIC is part of student cooperation at KPMG Finland. We hire yearly over 100 students and graduates. KIC is to show what we can offer: unique opportunities for challenging oneself and working with the best of the best. 

For more information, please visit the global KIC website.

KIC contact person in Finland:

Tiina Taskisalo, (

P. +358 50 401 7352

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