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KPMG Digital Academy

KPMG Digital Academy

Be curious and experience tomorrow. Thank you for all the applications.

Thank you for all the applications.

Digital Academy

Combine the latest working life trends and digital aspects into your studies

Are you in the beginning of your master studies? Do you want to combine the latest working life trends and digital aspects into your studies?

Now you have a rare opportunity to add extra value into your studies by attending the KPMG Digital Academy!

During the approximately two year-master studies you’ll receive mentoring, trainee-position(s) and training, so you’ll have a digi-oriented package planned according to your wishes and schedules.


Digital Academy is our new two year graduate program for master students starting in October 2018. The program consists of different modules combining mentoring, trainee period(s) and training at KPMG, and of course studying in your own university throughout the master studies until the graduation. The program takes only a few days every now and then during two years plus short trainee-periods scheduled personally.

We are searching for 10 digitally oriented students from different study areas related to all our service areas (for example economical, technical and law studies). The goal is to learn from our professionals and have a deep cross section of our service areas and branches.

You’ll have the chance to meet mentors from KPMG leadership group, work in KPMG and receive training from different digitally oriented KPMG service areas like consulting, legal services, auditing and development & innovations.


This is an exceptional way to add value into your master studies by tailoring your academy path according to your interests. You’ll receive guidance from our extraordinary experts all the way to our whole leadership group. The trainings are worth thousands of euros and you can choose these according to your wishes. You can also choose your mentors according to your future interests.

Next to the core program, KPMG Digital Academy will include fun and exciting moments starting from the kick off day in November. Finally there will be an epic ending at the end of the program 2020 outside Finland’s (and Europe’s?) borders. After the program you’ll have the chance to continue as Junior Advisors in KPMG.

Who can apply?

We are searching for students from all study areas so this program isn’t strictly committed to certain studies. If you have approximately just started your master studies in a university or a university of applied sciences, the programs suits you the best. The key words for applying are curiosity, abilities to learn all the time, social intelligence, digital interests and capabilities, information processing and adaptive thinking.


How to apply?

Application period has ended. Thank you for all the applications.

1. Fill a short application form no later than October 7th.

2. Complete our interactive KPMG Ready game on your mobile phone or laptop. You'll receive instructions to the game by email in a few days after filling out your application, so please follow your email. The KPMG Ready game is a game-based assessment created on collaboration with Arctic Shores.

We will invite the final candidates to a different and fun evaluation day on the 18th of October at Trap Factory, Espoo.

If you have any questions about KPMG Digital Academy, please contact our recruitment team