Our Private Equity sector professionals help startups with revolutionary business models to change the world as we know it, while also enabling the more established businesses and investors to achieve their strategic goals.

The dedicated KPMG Private Equity team offers a spectrum of services including due diligence, deal advisory, management consulting, and IT support to cover all the needs of the Private Equity sector. Our strong position within the Private Equity market, our cutting-edge data analysis tools, and the support of our global network guarantee that our clients will have access to leading industry expertise whenever needed.

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We guide you throughout the investment life cycle.

Focus on the key questions during the critical stages of the investment life cycle

Our integrated team of specialists helps you to focus on the key questions during the critical stages of the investment life cycle.

Screening & Execution

  • Have you identified the best companies for your portfolio?
  • Do you trust the valuation of a target company? 
  • What are the key negotiations points?
  • Have you identified all the relevant risks?

Before an acquisition it is important to know the company thoroughly. We help you to verify the value of the target company and to recognize the relevant risks.

Through comprehensive due diligence we validate the operational and financial figures. When evaluating risks, it is not only the financial factors that need to be taken into account, but also the commercial, operational, tax and legal aspects. 

Holding Period

  • Does the target have the optimal strategy in place?
  • Do you have the right competencies in place to execute the strategy?
  • Are you running the company at optimal efficiency?
  • Do you receive correct, sufficient and useful information from reporting in due time?

After an acquisition the new owner will face several challenges, ranging from cultural issues to IT system optimization. Our goal is to ensure that the private equity investor receives the right information from reporting, in order to develop the best strategy for value creation.


  • Are you really seizing the best strategy?
  • Do you have the competencies and time to run an exit process?
  • Have you considered all the exit routes and timing?
  • Do you have a superior negotiation strategy?

We can help you to maximize the value of your business, to identify the right time for exit, and to get the deal done at the optimal price.