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Riikka Sievänen

Responsible Investment and Sustainability Services, PhD

KPMG in Finland

Riikka coordinates KPMG Finland’s Sustainable Finance services, including ESG in Investor Relations and is the Working Group Lead of Sustainable Finance Services within the KPMG network. She also acts as an Advisor to the EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance. In her daily work, Riikka supports e.g. institutional investors, asset managers and banks with sustainability and ESG at the levels of strategy, practice, reporting and assessment.

Riikka acted as a Board member of Finsif (the Finnish Sustainable Investment Forum) for years 2015 – 2018 and as Finsif’s representative in the National Steering Committee of Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund during years 2015-2016. Next to her work, Riikka prepares post-doctoral research on the topic of responsible investment. 

Riikka Sievänen
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