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Nordic CEO Outlook 2019

In an uncertain world, Nordic CEOs are staying the course for confident, long-term oriented and socially responsible transformation.

The outlook for growth has been shifting over the past year in the Nordics. Reflecting the fact that Nordic economies have their own specific strengths to counter the outlook for a slowing global economy, Nordic CEOs are now notably more optimistic about their own company and countries’ growth versus that of the global economy.

In terms of their approach to business transformation, Nordic CEOs are more likely to build resilience by disrupting their industries’ business models, and they celebrate the culture of failing fast. They wholeheartedly embrace the need for digital transformation and change, while at the same time being able to stay true to their long-term and socially conscious approach. Leaders in the Nordic countries are preparing their companies for the future by modernizing the workforce and redefining internal functions to a larger degree than global CEOs.

As the findings of KPMG’s CEO Outlook 2019 show, Nordic CEOs have a strong focus and a can-do attitude about countering the risks of digital transformation and building a workforce of the future. While this has resulted in increased confidence about their growth versus global growth, leaders in the Northern part of Europe are not becoming overconfident. They continue to realistically assess their companies’ needs, including their own leadership capabilities.

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This year we wanted to hear how our key findings resonate with the Nordic CEOs and interviewed CEOs in four Nordic countries.

The first interview is about the role of cybersecurity for the companies today. CEO and Founder of Voima Ventures, Inka Mero shares her views on cybersecurity with Mika Laaksonen, the Head of Technology Advisory and Cyber Security Services in KPMG Finland.

Karoline Nystrøm, CEO of Schneider Electric talks about green leadership and how half-hearted initiatives will be seen through.

Jeppe Rindom, CEO and Co-founder of Pleo talks about digital transformation and innovations. He explains why it is important that his employees dare to fail.


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