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Vision 2030: Banking, beyond the horizon

Vision 2030: Banking beyond the horizon

What is your Vision for the future? Welcome beyond it

Join us for a webinar series this fall where we will discuss the Financial services industry Beyond the horizon and look at our New Reality in the COVID-19 world.

We will listen to industry leaders when they discuss The Future of Work, Digital Banking as well as Entrepreneurship and Diversity and the Fintech industry. In our virtual event we will discuss if we are facing a financial meltdown for 2030 or can it be counteracted?

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Webinar October 8: Entrepreneurship and Diversity and the Fintech industry                        

The impact diversity in entrepreneurship has on our future

The importance of entrepreneurship in fintech

Collaboration between banks, fintech companies and entrepreneurs

What can banks and technology companies do to promote diversity in fintech

Confirmed speakers:

Andrea Corneliussen, KPMG Norway Head of Financial Services, Moderator
Tatiana Shalavand, Investment Director at Inventure
Indra Sharma, Head of Early Stage Investments at Novax
Raiha Buchanan, Founder and CEO of Gigapay  and WIFTN
Ola Lowden, Founder and CEO of Omocom

Webinar October 15: The Future of Work                  

Exploring the Future of Work

How are banks navigating our New Reality?

New operating models and organizing for success

How to achieve true transformation? 

Virtual Event October 22: Are we facing a financial meltdown for 2030 or can it be counteracted?              
Is today’s consumption behavior driving unsustainable debt?

Is the current debt level here to stay or will it change?

How should our financial institutions secure their stability?

What role do banks, consumer companies and regulatory institutions play?


For any questions please contact Alexandra Furuhjelm-Andberg at
+358 40 642 7833 or

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