The annual KPMG Strategy Forum where leaders and experts meet, learn and share insights on locally and globally trending topics was this year leveled up and organized as an international webinar for the first time. Participants had the opportunity to join our expert sessions with KPMG global leaders, in addition to listening to and digesting Lindsey Herbert’s keynote presentation on `How-to´ of real Digital Transformation. 

Predicting the future is difficult and the secrets of successful digital transformation are usually kept scrupulously by the organizations that discovered them. Everyone feels threatened by change, but what if “digital transformation” is essentially a question of becoming adaptive to change itself?

Digital transformation is never just about change, and neither is it just about technology.

According to our keynote speaker, Lindsay Herbert, the author of ‘Digital Transformation’ and an Innovation Leader, real transformation starts with a problem that’s worth solving – and not only worth solving for your business, but worth it for someone else, too. She emphasizes that getting out there and engaging with your partners is just as important as evaluating the different technologies that could be used. Real transformation needs lots of people from lots of sources, and is always people-led, but tech-empowered. It’s an ongoing process, and something that is learned and earned. 

Instead of just spicing our conversation with fancy buzzwords such as digital transformation, we should consider what we really mean when we talk about transforming our business. Lindsay reminded us that, even though these terms might catch people’s attention, this is no guarantee that they will fully understand what it is that they are there to discuss. 

Digital transformation is never just about change, and neither is it just about technology. It’s about the people, the culture and how we are developing as companies. Stay tuned for the next KPMG Strategy Forum on September 2021. In the meantime, KPMG Finland’s Global Strategy Group would be happy not only to support your organization and executive teams with respect to strategy issues, but also to provide further insights.