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Lamborghini's new SUV production line digitalized by KPMG

Lamborghini's SUV production line digitalized by KPMG

When the world-renowned luxury car manufacturer launched serial production of its new high-performance Urus Super SUV, KPMG had been in the background of the project for a long time. For Lamborghini, it was much more than just launching a new car model.

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Director, Head of Industrial Manufacturing

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Before Urus Super SUV production line was opened in early 2018, Lamborghini had concentrated on its two main models, Aventador and Huracán. For the first time in its history, Lamborghini now has three different car models in its collection at the same time. Urus is also the company's first truly modern Super SUV.

The production facilities near Bologna have doubled in size, and state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 digitalization solutions have been introduced to support the manufacturing processes.

A flagship for the entire Audi Group

During the project, KPMG provided Lamborghini with its digital transformation and business development expertise. Director Matteo D'Ulisse of KPMG Italy, who visited Finland in January, explains that the Urus project was a real milestone not only for Lamborghini, but also for the entire Audi AG company, to which Lamborghini belongs. Audi, in turn, is part of the Volkswagen Group.

“It was Audi's pioneering project with respect to Industry 4.0,” notes D'Ulisse.

The new production lines are fully networked. The digitalization solution included, for example, a manufacturing control system, various security-enhancing solutions, and improved quality control and maintenance.

And with what results? Production efficiency and productivity have been significantly boosted. The amount of raw materials needed in production can be monitored almost in real time. Digitalization has also helped to reduce unnecessary and manual work to a minimum.

Traceability has improved since all information on production and quality is now electronic, whereas much information was previously on paper.

Digital twin for every car

From now on, every manufactured car will have a so-called digital twin. This means that data on each car manufactured on the line, including all its features, will be stored as a virtual model in the Lamborghini database. The data generated throughout the lifetime of every single car can then be utilized by proactive analytics to optimize maintenance cycles, for example. Predictive maintenance and analytics are true.

Moreover, the same data can be exploited in the production lines. It allows near-real-time reporting of production performance.

According to Matteo D'Ulisse, the cooperation with Lamborghini went well from the start. “The client was very pleased with the results,” he confirms.

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