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KPMG Lighthouse sheds light on the rewrite

KPMG Lighthouse sheds light on the rewrite

Instead of just coping with the rewriting of the world’s operating systems, KPMG intends to be amongst the ones leading it. 

KPMG Lighthouse is our center of excellence for data, analytics, artificial intelligence and other data driven technologies. Lighthouse is a global network of professionals and data scientists gathered to solve clients’ most comprehensive business challenges. Our goal is to help clients to make smarter solutions and transform their business by unlocking its value. The challenges of digital disruption in businesses is tackled through these four principles. 

1 – BUSINESS FIRST approach ensures that you’re not using technology for the sake of technology. The first step is always to start with the business, and only after that figure out the proper data-driven technologies to boost it. 

“A dumb process is still dumb, even if you use technology to do it. Technology should be thought of as a tool, not as the sole purpose”, Antti Lojamo, KPMG Finland’s Partner and Head of Lighthouse explains. 

2 – COMBINING INDUSTRY AND PROCESS KNOWLEDGE to define, design and build end-to end services and solutions. In the Nordics for example API (Application programming interface) connections to various sources are well developed but underutilised for business process purposes. “It requires a whole new way of thinking about data collection and processes, but opens doors to countless new opportunities in business efficiencies and ways to create analytics”, Lojamo describes. 

3 – LOCAL EXPERTISE SUPPORTED BY TRULY GLOBAL TEAM is of the greatest advantages Lighthouse can offer to your business. In addition to the 14,000 professionals around the world, partnerships are in the essence of Lighthouse. 

“Companies like Microsoft and Google together with regional partners form an ecosystem that ensures Lighthouse’s service offering, technologies and platforms are of cutting edge”, Lojamo says. 

4 – TRUST is a number one priority. Companies’ trust in the systems becomes even more important when more and more decisions are done by machines instead of human intuition.