Luay El-Gamil

Luay EL-Gamil

Partner, IT Advisory

KPMG Hazem Hassan Public Accountants & Consultants

Luay is the National Information Technology Security Officer (NIITSO) for KPMG Egypt. His job responsibilities as NITSO include: Developing, maintaining and updating information security policies in accordance with general accepted standards, as ISO and COBIT. Performing regular review of the systems to ensure their availability, integrity and confidentiality. Preparing and conducting user security awareness sessions

Professional and Industry Experience

He was responsible for providing many IT Advisory engagements including:

  • Managed many comprehensive IT risk assessment for large Banks in Egypt and the region.
  • Performed many IT due diligence reviews as part of KPMG’s Transaction services to many clients in Egypt and the region, including Banks and financial institutions.  Such assignments involve assessing and evaluating Target’s IT governance, policies and procedures, network infrastructure, computer applications supporting business processes, reliance on IT and level of automation, general IT controls, IT strategic planning and projects, agreements with third parties and hardware inventory.
  • Lead a comprehensive business process controls review and risk assessment over the IT systems of a large monetary fund center in Egypt.  The assignment involved application controls review, IT operational review, IT infrastructure review, network and hosts security review and data integrity review.
  • Managed reviews and evaluations of IT controls related to post-paid billing system, pre-paid IN system, Oracle E-Business Suite, cash system, and interconnect system of major GSM operators in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen.   The assignments include the evaluation of the revenue assurance process.
  • Participated in a number of business processes re-engineering engagements in industrial companies to evaluate and identify risks and controls to the business processes.
  • Managed a review of IT controls of the billing and financial systems for the fixed line operators in Egypt and Yemen.  The review included performing data analysis to ensure accuracy of revenue. 
  • Luay has a wide range of experience in performing Data analysis, utilizing a variety of Computer Audit Assistant Tools “CAATs” such as: ACL (Audit Command Language) and IDEA, in addition to OS/400 query technique
Education and qualifications
  • Bachelor of commerce, Accounting Major.

  • A professional certificate in computing and programming, the American University in Cairo (AUC).

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

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