KPMG küberturvalisuse koolitus/KPMG Cyber Security Training:Phishing Awareness Training for Organizations

Learn how to not get hooked by Hackers

Learn how to not get hooked by Hackers


Registration for this course has ended. New dates will be announced soon. Register your interest below or get in touch regarding customized in-house training.

The course is targeted at organizations (and their leadership at all levels) that want to provide phishing awareness trainings for their employees to ensure compliance with in-house cyber security best practices. The course is easy to follow and is suitable for anybody with an email account and desire to defend themselves and their organization.

* The course at hand is designed to address 15 participant groups on a leadership level , but KPMG is also equipped to design online courses and tests for your organization to be executed at the employee level.


  • Phishing attacks exploit the weakest link in the chain – the individual employee. No matter how well thought-out your cyber security policies are, there is no perfect way to ensure compliance. To be able to thrive in a modern digitally transformed organization, KPMG provides the know-how about what to expect in terms of phishing attacks and how to build counter measures and a resilient organization.
  • Case studies, motivation and mindset, attack vectors, counter measures, best practices, tools and methods will be discussed.
  • Materials will be provided. Upon finishing the course, a KPMG Cyber Security Diploma will be granted to participants.

Duration: 1 day

Group size: max 15 participants

Date: 18.11.2020

Price:  349 EUR + VAT, register before 22.10 to receive an early bird price of 299 EUR + VAT

Location: KPMG Estonia training facility (Narva mnt 5, Tallinn)

* Instructions (room, floor, parking etc) provided after registration.

* In case of coronavirus related restrictions, an online/hybrid course or alternative dates will be provided.



Course schedule and topics covered:

  • What is Phishing?
  • What are different methods for phishing?
  • How to spot a phishing email?
  • How to know if you're the target of a Spear-Phish?
  • How an attacker sets up a phishing campaign?
  • How to protect your organization?
  • How to train your employees?

Course Methodology:

  • Live course work and hands on training.
  • Sample campaign.
  • Final test (80% required to receive a certificate of completion)

* Snacks, lunch and refreshments will be provided.


Registration link HERE

More information: Marek Mühlberg,

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