We help clients relieve tax burden and address cross-jurisdictional issues in compliance with relevant tax laws.

Indirect taxes – VAT, excise and custom duties – can be among a company’s largest cash flow components and as such have a major influence on fiscal performance. As businesses expand into new markets, they invariably encounter cross-jurisdictional issues involving indirect taxes, complicated tax compliance and increased risk exposure. Proper indirect tax management helps avoid over- or underpayment of tax and the risk of penalties for non-compliance.KPMG’s team of professionals helps you reduce tax and administrative burden and to ensure compliance with rules across multiple countries which can result in real savings for you.

Addressing your needs 

  • Our tax specialists review your company's current tax position and provide relevant advice and planning on a range of indirect taxes including VAT, customs duties and excise taxes. 
  • We can enable you to manage indirect taxes in an effective and pro-active way helping you reduce cost, improve processes and mitigate compliance risk. 
  • Our assistance also includes advisory on administrative obligations, such as registration, compliance and tax refund, and support in the course of tax audits or communication with tax authorities.

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