Sustainability of an organisation and its long-term success depend to a large extent on how the organisation copes with social, environmental and market changes and impacts. While taking into account the interests of the organisation, it is important to find solutions to the problems related to the labour market, the increase in the cost of environmental resources and the social impact of the organisation's activities. The expectations of stakeholders (the general public, clients, partners, funders, local residents, etc.) and the ever-tightening legal requirements must also be met.

KPMG sustainability consultants help you find ways to strengthen your organisation's image, gain market share, increase revenue and reduce costs, and build relationships of trust with stakeholders.

How can we help?

Aspects of sustainability, risks and opportunities

  • We identify the aspects that affect your organisation's competitiveness and long-term success.
  • We map the risks and opportunities and prepare a strategic action plan.
  • We do benchmarking.
  • We identify and involve stakeholders and gather input.

Strategy development and implementation

  • We help focus the sustainability strategy.
  • We assist in preparing an action plan.
  • We help develop metrics to evaluate results.
  • We advise on how to optimise processes, achieve cost-efficiency, improve the working environment and increase occupational safety, set up community projects and develop other areas.
  • We help organise internal communication campaigns and internal trainings and, if necessary, we advise the responsible employees/teams personally.


  • We create the structure for and/or prepare your organisation's sustainability, sustainable development, social responsibility, environmental and integrated reports.

Implementation of standards

  • We give advice based on internationally accepted standards (GRI, ISO 26000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, AccountAbility AA1000, etc.).

Audit and assurance services

  • We conduct sustainability, environmental and social responsibility audits of your organisation and/or help prepare for external audit.
  • We perform an independent assurance review of the report.

Analyses (due diligence, ROI)

  • We perform due diligence on environmental, social and good governance practices.
  • We evaluate the impact and cost-effectiveness (ROI) of your organisation's sustainability efforts.