What is New Ventures?

KPMG New Ventures is a catalyst for growth and innovation  we facilitate global investments, provide access to international markets and help build innovation capacity for our clients.

We bring the startup mindset to established companies by helping them test their ideas rapidly. Whether you’re providing a challenge for your people, building new products and services or looking for a company to invest in, we have you covered. We will even give you a team to run your experiments with.

We supercharge startups and scaleups by leveraging our industry expertise and networks. Want to raise money? No problem. Thinking about tackling new markets? We got your back. Need help with tax and legal issues? Get in touch today! We’re in it for the long haul.

Just like growth companies, we love and welcome the risk. Gain-share models have become increasingly popular and we are not afraid to take on a challenge. When you win, we win.


How does it work?


We offer Venture Services, build Strategic Partnerships, undertake Innovation Projects and contribute to the local ecosystem through our KPMG Startup Network.

Venture Services

With growth companies, leading enterprises, research and development organisations and investors in mind, we seek to offer a full-service approach to growth and innovation. Our tax, legal and audit services are what we’re known for. But we do so much more than that. From cybersecurity assessments to deal advisory, we can cover the whole spectrum of needs for innovative organisations.

Strategic Partnerships

We build strategic alliances with technology partners to deliver scalable and industry-driven B2B solutions. Alliance partners contribute their technology, IP or platform. KPMG provides market insights and access, coupled with an operating model.

We are focused on providing our clients with the best solutions in industrial automation (RPA, IPA), machine learning, cybersecurity and data analytics.

Innovation Projects

Sometimes the best way to make a difference and have impact, comes in the shape of a project. KPMG Estonia is committed to delivering the future. That is why we focus on these key areas:

  • Sustainability and resilience. Whether it is future consumers, transparent supply chains or sustainable development goals, we seek to build a better tomorrow.
  • Capital markets and financial instruments. Thriving capital markets are a good indicator of a healthy economy. One that has tremendous potential for growth. 
  • Startup ecosystem development. In order for growth companies to flourish, a support system needs to be in place. We can help with policy design and developing financially sustainable high-impact ecosystem services.
  • Digital transformation and cybersecurity. The world has changed. Reaching your customers online and having a digital offering is a must. And cybersecurity is now a hygiene concern for everyone. Contact our cyber experts today!
  • Cleantech and green energy. In 2019 renewable energy became the most affordable option even without subsidies. We have joined the revolution, get in touch to have a meeting with our energy sector team.
  • Healthtech and biotech. 2020 has proved that flexible healthcare ICT governance and related solutions are in high demand. KPMG has a strong team of healthcare sector experts at your disposal.

KPMG Startup Network

We are highly connected throughout the whole startup ecosystem, both locally and internationally. 


Who is it for?

Growth companies

Need help in securing your next round of funding? Maybe you want to take on new markets, but need access to industry heavy-weights and market insights? We can help.

Leading enterprises

Your core business is doing fine, but you want more. You want an edge. You want to have an advantage over your competition. Want to run an innovation program, develop new products or services? We can help.

R&D organizations

You have amazing scientists and inventions. But your IP policy is a bit shaky. And getting from IP to product seems a bit of challenge. Or maybe you want to get your product out there? We can help.

Investors and VC-s.

Whether it’s developing the corporate venture capital market in Estonia or providing a helping hand with due diligence, we can offer a smooth experience for all parties involved.

Ecosystem organisations

Without the startup ecosystem there is nothing. No ideas, no unicorns and no growth. We donate our time and provide our expertise where it matters the most – in the very early stages. 


We work with the great ones

We have worked with more than half of the TOP 100 startups and scaleups in Estonia. We hope to work with you too.