Financial risk is an inescapable fact of life in the modern business environment. Fraud, corporate crime, commercial disputes and litigation can imperil your organisation’s integrity and reputation, and undermine confidence. Increasingly complex and demanding regulatory regimes compound the challenge of managing risk.

KPMG Forensic provides services designed to assist you in matters of a commercial or financial nature that may result in a legal or regulatory action. 

Addressing your needs


  • We assist you in gaining a clear understanding of the facts necessary to determine whether there has been fraud or any other misconduct or violation of laws, regulations or company policies. 

Fraud risk management

  • We assess your organisation’s needs based on what type of fraud and misconduct risks you have, including the controls you have in place to detect, prevent, and manage those risks.
  • We help you design, implement, and evaluate policies, programmes, and controls.

Anti-bribery and corruption

  • We assist your organisation in proactive work to prevent bribery and corruption (risk assessments, compliance programme design and assessment, internal and compliance audits, design and implementation of reporting systems, training).

Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing

  • We help your organisation assess anti-money laundering (AML) risks, detect gaps against legal and regulatory requirements and leading practices, review or design and implement AML policies and procedures. 
  • We provide training in AML issues.
  • We assess the implementation of AML policies and procedures focusing either on transactions or customers, based on your needs.

IT solutions in investigations

  • Together with specialists of Forensic Technology Services of other member firms of the KPMG network we help you identify, collect and preserve electronically stored information (ESI) for an investigation and litigation. 
  • We help analyse ESI for investigation or litigation purposes, and if necessary, filter, process, host, and manage ESI for investigation or regulatory/litigation purposes. 

Corporate intelligence

  • We collect and analyse information regarding the background, reputation and integrity, and business track record of individuals and organisations for screening your existing or prospective business relationships.
  • We conduct integrity due diligence for investigations in progress or in anticipation of launching civil litigation.

Dispute resolution

  • We provide professional, objective, and independent assistance if your organisation is involved in litigation, or disputes that may lead to litigation. 
  • We assist you in calculating damages or loss of profits.
  • We can act as an expert witness appointed by one or more parties in a litigation, arbitration and other such cases.

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