We have extensive industry experience and we know the Estonian energy sector

With KPMG's energy sector team, we support energy sector companies in strategic projects and sustainable development. We have a long experience and strong competence in strategic and financial consulting, legal advising and IT consulting. We have a 10-member team in Estonia, and we work closely with KPMG's international network of 19,000 energy sector professionals on a daily basis.

We focus daily on these issues

Energy communities

There are already about 3,500 energy community cooperatives in Europe. We also help Estonians to start producing renewable energy in the community, simplifying the whole legal process involved in creating an energy community.

Launching new business lines and entering foreign markets

We support companies in launching new business lines, focusing mainly on renewable energy.

Investment strategy, purchase and sale transactions of companies, raising capital

We prepare a strategy and a reliable business plan for significant investments and help reach investment decisions. We manage purchase and sale transactions and raise capital for investments, covering the entire process, including financial, tax and legal issues.

Strategic analyses of new technologies and business models

Entering a new field is always risky, which is why we help companies and representatives of the public sector with the necessary impact analyses, modelling and forecasts so that management decisions can be made with confidence. We make financial and socio-economic analyses to support representatives of the public sector (Estonian government, ministries, local governments) in making strategic decisions and formulating policies..

Sustainability in companies

We map the company's environmental footprint and prepare a sustainable strategy with an action plan to achieve climate neutrality. We also help with regular reporting and auditing.


We have a strong reference base in renewable energy (solar, biomethane, wind) and regulated grid businesses (electricity, gas)