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Webinar: How to Ensure Enterprise Cyber Security?

6. may 2020 11.00-12-00

6. may 2020 11.00-12-00

Cyber ​​attacks in an emergency situation

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing lives. Organized crime groups take advantage of the fear and insecurity that COVID-19 brings to individuals and businesses in a variety of ways. Today, the number of cyber attacks has increased significantly in Finland, Estonia and the world since February. According to our data, there are criminal and harpoon attacks, targeting fake websites and other criminal activities significantly increased in networks, as most workers have switched to home offices due to the coronavirus.

At the webinar, we will talk about our main findings and conclusions, as well as share recommendations on how to prepare for and respond to attacks in the current situation.

Webinar topics and speakers:

Mikko Vatanen, Head of Cyber ​​Security Services, KPMG Finland

  • KPMG Threat Intelligence data during Covid-19 epidemy and remote work.
  • We saw rise in exploitation and other malicious activity from new parts of the internet and office networks in Scandinavia. 
  • Lets have a sneak peak to Estonia also.

Alberto Zorrilla, KPMG Estonia, Cyber Security Services Expert

  • Anatomy of an attack: stakes raised in the age of remote work
  • How an attack looks from the target’s point of view
  • How an attack looks from the attacker’s point of view
  • What could’ve mitigated every step of the attack.

Mihkel Kukk, KPMG Estonia, Head of Cyber ​​Security Services

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