Elina Vahi

Energy Sector Senior Adviser

KPMG Baltics OÜ

Elina advises clients on sustainability topics with a mission to reach climate neutrality. She will support customers on mapping their environmental impact and compose a roadmap to reduce the climate risk.

Prior to joining KPMG Elina had over 10 years of experience as meteorologist in energy trading company Nordic Power Management where she specialised in renewables power production and consumption forecasting. In order to trade electricity to day ahead and intraday electricity market Nord Pool, she modelled wind and solar power forecast models. On top of electricity trading and portfolio management in Baltics, Elina was keen to reduce the carbon footprint by trading GO (Guarantees of Origin) certificates. Elina has also represented clients in renewables subsidy application and guided renewable producers through GO certification process.

  • MSc, Geoecology, Tallinn University

  • BSc, Hydrometeorology and Environmental Protection, Estonian Maritime Academy