It’s time to come together to fight financial crime

Businesses are enduring a perfect storm of challenges as they navigate today’s hyperconnected markets, profound disruption on the back of the global pandemic and the mounting threat of financial crime. In the race to combat the trillion-dollar industry of financial crime, it’s no time for organizations like yours to go it alone. Make no mistake – we are in this together.

KPMG is taking a stand to say it’s time to come together without delay to fight back. It’s time to change how this global crisis is tackled. It’s time to join forces – with each other and with the game-changing power of modern technology. KPMG professionals are here to assist you and guide you to safeguard your business and help you tackle financial crime. In today’s complex and volatile global environment, earning the trust of your stakeholders has become critical to success, giving your business a solid platform for responsible growth, confident decision-making, bolder innovation and sustainable advances in performance and efficiency.

This battleground demands that businesses walk the walk – acting boldly on financial crime by replacing ambitious words with informed and decisive action that promises tangible economic and social benefits. Along the way, working as one, inside and out should be essential. Your business simply can’t work alone, or within its structural silos, to protect your people and profits – and our planet – from the far-reaching costs and disruption of financial crime. The future demands a collaborative approach that sustains a sharp lens on both internal and external factors impacting your business and the world beyond it.

Winning this battle requires you to strike the right balance amid the 'push and pull' of regulatory compliance – implementing a vigilant, proactive approach that keeps you in step with regulators at a cost and speed that fits your business and strategy. Not to be underestimated is the need to seize the digital day, fighting the pervasive wave of crimetech with the confident implementation of technology, and consistently aligning it with experience to help ensure that your capabilities are always in ‘the right place at the right time.’



Financial crime services we offer

Anti-money laundering (AML)

Whether it’s reviewing your existing AML programme, transforming it for the future, or dealing with regulatory inquiries and scrutiny, our team can help you.

Independent Review/Remediation

Does your client due diligence meet current regulatory standards?  Are you subject to a remediation project following a regulatory inspection?  We can assist with independent review testing of your current policies, processes and records to ensure these are in line with required regulation and guidance, and provide assistance with regulatory remediation programmes.   


Sanctions screening

When considering whether your screening systems are fit for purpose, facing challenges with alert volumes, or being investigated for sanctions breaches, our team have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process.


Whether you need to manage your organisation’s fraud risks, optimise your fraud operations, find effective ways of reducing costs or address new regulatory requirements impacting fraud, we can help.

Risk and regulation

When you need to understand the new regulatory environment, conduct risk assessments and control testing, require remediation for problems of the past or need to transform the culture and capability of your business.

Transaction monitoring (TM)

If considering whether your TM controls are appropriate for your business, your scenarios and thresholds are set properly, or when you’re exploring advanced technology solutions, we bring the right combination of subject and technical knowledge to help you achieve your objectives.

Anti-bribery and corruption (AB&C)

When shaping your approach to ABC risk management to deliver effective outcomes, testing to ensure your compliance framework is robust and fit for purpose, or when you require support to investigate a potential issue, we bring deep expertise and pragmatic solutions throughout.

Customer due diligence/know your customer

When you need to optimise your CDD processes and technology, face large scale remediation, or want to outsource the process to a third party, we have a track record of effective delivery at scale.

Market abuse and insider trading

When considering whether your conduct risk control framework and surveillance techniques are adequate to detect market abuse and insider dealing, or when you need access to proven surveillance solutions, our teams are on hand to assist.

Third party risk

Whether you’re concerned about operational risks from third-party exposure or ensuring your network of third parties don’t attract legal or reputational risks to your brand, we help reduce exposure to financial, legal, regulatory, operational, reputational and governmental risk.


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