By taking an active part in the start-up ecosystem and by mapping and analysing start-ups, we are able to facilitate partnerships that are beneficial for both established businesses and start-up disruptors.

FinTech, AdTech, MedTech – in short: xTech. Regardless of the industry that xTech start-ups serve, they all have an agile system landscape with a fail-fast forward mindset that allows them to leapfrog larger enterprises with a slow legacy system and a rigid mindset. 

However, a small disruptive start-up can encounter problems when they sell an innovative solution to a large and demanding corporation. Adapting to the needs of just one large client can use up all of the start-up's resources, effectively grinding innovation to a halt.

This is where xTechgration comes in. KPMG NewTech can partner with the xTech to be in charge of the implementation. As one unit, we can also go to market together so that the xTech can leverage our network.

Are you a company looking for particular start-ups to partner with? Or are you a start-up ready to scale up? Contact Michael Birkebæk Jensen for partnership opportunities.