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Based on our extensive experience implementing new technologies such as machine learning, chat-/voicebots and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we have developed a well-proven framework for a NewTech operating model that sets the highest standards for working with cutting-edge technologies.

Applying the KPMG NewPractice operating model framework tailored to your organisation ensures a successful enterprise-wide implementation of digital labour initiatives.

We can also provide continuous improvement of robotics and cognitive automation capabilities while making sure that digital labour initiatives are aligned across the organisation.

This solidifies a clear, common understanding on how to translate our winning strategy into your daily operations.

Our implementation services range from the initial opportunity assessment to a full enterprise-scale implementation of the latest technology. Some of our most offered services can be bundled into the following categories:

  • Opportunity Assessment 

  • Proof of Concept 

  • Competency Mobilisation 

  • Production and Scaling 

  • Booster service 

Explore our solutions and the technologies we are developing below:

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