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AI is fundamentally changing how businesses operate and companies that deploy AI are quickly gaining competitive advantages. In line with our NewPractice approach, we see every strategy as an AI strategy as companies cannot afford to develop a corporate strategy without taking AI into account.

NewTech AI strategy
Our NewTech AI strategy consists of the following main areas that we target:

  • AI corporate strategy: Every strategy is an AI strategy. AI is such a vital element today that all strategies need to include AI.

    We support organisations to both develop an AI corporate strategy and complement their existing strategy with an AI pillar.

    We have developed a solid and proven approach, which is underpinned by educational workshops and small Proof of Concepts.

  • AI booster: We help clients to embed AI technologies in their product development to design, build and develop better products in a shorter timespan

  • NewPractice scans: We disrupt the traditional work processes by studying the existing workflows and finding opportunities for using a combination of emerging technologies to augment the results.

    With NewPractice, we place the importance on the input and output, and radically re-design the process by utilising new emerging technologies.

  • NewTech business and operating model development – We enable clients to gain clarity about what creates value and how to organise and set up their organisation or business unit to accomplish, optimise and improve operational value.

    Through NewTech maturity and capability assessments we help to determine the imperatives for delivering a new value proposition, building the company’s differentiating capabilities and executing its strategic priorities.

  • Executive education - Executive education programmes provide the visioning needed to steer the organisation through a rapidly changing environment as well as the practical insight to turn that vision into reality.

    We deliver tailored programmes that combine hands-on sessions and workshops with the opportunity to try our new technologies in a collaborative environment.

    We also give inspirational keynote sessions and NewTech panel discussions showcasing the latest and greatest in technology.

  • Data analytics used in transactions - NewTech helps private equity companies strengthen their Due Diligence teams with experienced AI experts who use AI technologies to provide new and better insights in connection with transactions, acquisitions and divestitures.

Is your company mature enough for AI solutions?